One of the prominent figure on the modern sky is without any doubt, Su-27, fighter aircraft of the Soviet origin. In this way there is no doubt that this fighter machine was subject of the plastic kit in various scale. Plastic kit made by ICM in 1/72 scale is credited as the one of the best representative in that scale but no matter of its top ratings, this kit definitely have some issues. Most of this issues are related to the panels and some difficulties to match parts. This is simple kit and there is much space for improvements. Best solution offer Eduard with fes sets of the new products from the August 2010 release.

Su-27 powered by Eduard

Eduard has released this set for the upgrade:

Eduard’s 73350, Su-27 Flanker A S.A. 1/72 PE set for the ICM kit

Eduard’s 72503, Su-27 Flanker A exterior 1/72 PE set for the ICM kit

Eduard’s 72510, Su-27 ladder 1/72 PE set for the ICM kit

Eduard’s SS350, Su-27 Flanker A S.A. 1/72 PE set in ZOOM edition for the ICM kit

First set is intended to add more cockpit details and it does not replace excising parts in this section but only add more details inside. This set include two photo etched frets, one with pre painted self adhesive parts and the another one not painted and present framing of the cockpit interior. Interesting to note is that set SS350, which present Zoom series of the Eduard photo etched parts, are the same as the set 73350 but it have only one fret, with parts for the instruments consoles and pilot seat. So it is on you- if you want to make Su-27 with open cockpit, you will need first set but if you plan to make it with closed cockpit, SS350 will work perfectly.

Second set from the list is the another story and it include two frets of the etched parts with full details on the kit exterior. Parts are made in order to replace original kit parts, to remove some details and replace with parts from set or complete new parts. Landing gear have most of the benefit of this set but you will be also pleasured with extra details on the rocket new elements or the small electric and electronic details on the kit.

When complete kit with all of this details, I am sure that you will need some bits to get it into the full realistic form. For this is made third set, ladders. Made in one etched fret, it have all main components to make very realistic ladders and place it on the kit side near cockpit.

The number of parts are great but it is very easy to use them and you will need just two days (not whole of course…) to complete the kit with all of this parts. This sets are of absolute value and it is warmly recommended!!! Full build can be seen on our forum!

Srecko Bradic

Samples of this products provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard.

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