Although not designed to be a dogfighter, the J 35 Draken proved to have good instantaneous turn capability and was a very capable fighter. It entered service in 1960 with the Swedish Air Force; 644 Saab Drakens were built for Sweden as well as other European nations. Sweden’s Draken fleet came in six different variants while two Draken models were offered for export. The early models were intended purely for air defence. The last model built was the J 35F, the final variant to remain in Swedish service. These aircraft were retired in the 1990s and replaced by the Saab Gripen. The J 35 Draken design underwent several upgrades. The last was the J 35J version, in the late 1980s, although by then, the Draken had been almost totally replaced by the Saab 37 Viggen in Swedish service. In the mid-1980s, Saab purchased back 24 J 35D aircraft from the Swedish Air Force and converted them into the J 35Ö version (also called J 35OE in English literature). These were later exported to Austria.

Eduard SS357 J 35Ö Draken Self adhesive 1/72

Eduard SS357 Self adhesive zoom set contains one photo etched fret with 43 parts with most of them pre-painted, a small clear foil with three parts on it and two page instruction sheet packed inside Eduard’s plastic bag. Instruction sheet is clear and it should be carefully followed step by step. Parts provided in SS357 set are mostly for cockpit including highly detailed instrument panel, seat belts with buckles, control panels, different switches and handles, cabin structure as well as few exterior parts for undercarriage… Seat belts are pre-painted and highly detailed with buckles. Hasegawa seat is pretty simple but with photo etched parts from this set it is guaranteed to look much better and realistic. Side control panels are full of details including gauges and switches, off course all of these parts are pre-painted and highly detailed. This set also contains structure parts so if you leave your canopy in opened position, nice details will pop-up and add realistic look to Draken kit. Eduard also provided mirrors for the canopy and they should look great once attached to the kit. Small clear foil contains three clear parts that you need to cut and glue to the HUD. Undercarriage parts really boost this section of the kit.

To conclude this article all I can say about this set is that it worth every penny ‘cause the result you get when you install this set in your kit are excellent. Set SS357 is really easy to work with, modeler should not have any trouble. Working with these part’s will save your time and add much needed realistic look to your Draken kit.

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Darko Mladenovic

Samples provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard