The final expression of the Focke Wulf Fw 190, considered by many as the best German fighter of World War II, was the Ta 152, an aircraft that was rather different from that designed by Kurt Tank back in 1937; however it was representative nevertheless of the lengthy evolution that the basic model had undergone during the various periods of the conflict. The Ta 152 was created to act as an interceptor at high altitude, and as such, it proved to be capable of an outstanding performance, especially as far as speed was concerned, being superior to that of any other enemy fighter.

Eduard Zoom Ta-152C 1/48 set FE491

Eduard Zoom set FE491 features nice set of photoetched details to upgrade Ta-152C Dragon kit. As we used to from Eduard Zoom series, this set also contains parts for upgrading the kit cockpit, so what is inside? Ta-152C set comes packed in Eduard’s recognizable plastic bag with twoA5  pages of instructions and one photoetched fret containing 32 prepainted parts. Level of details on this set is of exceptional quality, seat belts with buckles can’t be compared to those Dragon packed with their kit, and Dragon’s plastic instrument panel, although looks great, couldn’t match Eduard’s from this set. Side control panels are full of details including gauges, switches and throttle control and new side wall is also provided off course all of these parts are pre-painted and highly detailed. Trim wheel is also contained in this set and a very nice stylish Luftwaffe pedals that are really spot-on and very detailed.

Eduard’s photo-etched set FE 491 includes all parts that are really missing on the Ta-152C Dragon kit. These parts are great quality and they provide excellent opportunity to a modeler to build extra detailed kit with a small effort. At last, but most important they are easy to work with, so less experienced modeler should not have any trouble. For me these Eduard Zoom sets are an absolute must have, and I am not starting a new kit until I get Eduard Zoom set for it.

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Darko Mladenovic

Sample provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard