Eduard release in March 2010 was Suhoi Su-7, well known Soviet frontline fighter, specified for harsh warfare scenario in the Europe. This kit with item number 1148 and 1/48 scale is actually reissue of the well known OEZ kit. This kit is very familiar with the old KP kit in 1/72 scale as well they are result of the research and measuring of the real Su-7 and this outstanding work has done by Jaroslav Dobias, who has done many of the basic research and production drawings works. So from the very start kit of the Su-7 is accurate but it is plagued by industrial production shortcomings, somehow common for the older kits.

Su-7As usual Eduard deliver this kit as the powerpack and bring this old kit into the absolute new shine! As well it belong to the limited edition series, it have all of the features so inside is the photo etched parts (on two frets in this kit), protective mask, resin detail set for cockpit (well known Brassin range), very detailed instruction and assembly brochure and of course you have plastic parts in five frets, one of this are transparent plastic. One extra add is the acetate film with printed outlines for the head up display and this is regular item in Edurd modern kits.

No way that this kit can be described as straightforward to build but it is in other hand far from hard kit. First at all you have to assembly cockpit section which have also intake cone on its front. Merge with fuselage half’s could bring you much trouble in later work if you does not do this properly. My advice is to prepare completed cockpit section, fuselage half’s, nose landing gear, ejection seat and cockpit canopy. Make dry run of this elements as well it position and make best possible. If you miss this check out, you could have some issues later, like the gaps in the nose landing gear, impossibility to close cockpit due to the too high position of the seat and so on.

When you solve above mention step and fix it in the moment when you set up good position, later work could be described as easy. Note that after the join the fuselage with cockpit, that you need to determine which version you have to build as well from this depend part to be used. Inside is for example two versions of wings and vertical. No matter which version you build, I have note some gaps in the wing to fuselage joint, gap is in the rear lower section. As well I did not see this on the images of actual plane, I have cement this.

Kit have several external ordnance options and you should place this armament or fuel tanks in regard to the diagram provided in the instruction assembly. No problem if you make your options in regard to the actual images. Cockpit canopy have two options, open or closed. Personally I more prefer streamlined look so I have choose close cockpit part.

Finish is given for the six machines and on last page is the stencil diagram. Decals are provided on one sheet and they are of top quality. All colors are from Gunze Sangyo range but I have used mix of the Vallejo paints for this.

This is rare kit and definitely worth to have it. You can by it direct here!

Bradic Srecko

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard