One of the many airline companies operating the successful Fokker 100 is KLM. Although Fokker went already bankrupt in 1996 their aircraft continued to fly, without doubt also for many years in the future. However, because of increasing maintenance costs KLM has decided to terminate its use of this very versatile plane. They will be phased out and that will mean that some of them may find new owners and others just the demolition hammer.

Fokker 100 for Aviodrome

With its present aircraft collection focussed on Dutch civil aviation the Aviodrome Theme Park Museum, located at Lelystad Airport, is since today the proud owner of Fokker F100 PH-OFA. This particular aircraft was donated by KLM to the museum for static display. PH-OFA flew in from Schiphol airport with a minimum fuel load at 13.15 and finally landed at Lelystad airport on 13.34 after a last low fly-by. It taxied to the platform of the Aviodrome museum for its final stop where the pilots were welcomed by the museum’s CEO Jan Schaatsbergen.

The pictures give a photo impression of this event!!

Nico Braas