Operation Dragoon was the Allied invasion of Southern France between Toulon and Cannes on 15th August 1944. The operation was originally, and for most of the planning stage, known as “Anvil”. The code name had been changed because it is believed that the Germans discovered it and its significance. The plan originally envisaged a mixture of Free French and American troops taking Toulon and later Marseille, with subsequent revisions encompassing Saint Tropez. The plan was revised throughout 1944, however, with conflict developing between British military staff — who were opposed to the landings, arguing that the troops and equipment should be either retained in Italy or sent there — and American military staff, who were in favour of the assault. This was part of a larger Anglo-American strategic disagreement.

Operation Dragoon

The balance was tipped in favour of Dragoon by two events: the eventual fall of Rome in early June, plus the success of Operation Cobra, the breakout from the Normandy pocket, at the end of July. Operation Dragoon’s D-day was set for August 15, 1944. This operation is considered to be classic model for joint air-sea-ground forces attack.
Aero Journal Hors-Serie No 2

Hors Serie editions are printed in magazine manner on 100 pages on good quality paper. In eight chapters written in French all segments of the operation are covered. Aero Journal gives a wonderful view of the aviation engagements in this operation and you will find numerous photos, maps, illustrations inside this book. Authors and Illustrator did an outstanding work with this book. Publication is most interesting not only for people interested in history but also for all enthusiasts interested in World War Two subjects and especially Scale Modelers for whom this publication represents a valuable document.

Aero Journal HS 2 Operation Dragoon publication is highly recommended.

More about this book can be found  http://www.aero-journal.com/operation-dragoon.php

Darko Mladenovic

Special thanks to Srecko Bradic for providing me this book for review