Frank Luke Jr.  [May 19, 1897 in Phoenix, Arizona – September 29, 1918 near Murvaux France] was an American fighter ace, ranking second among U.S. Air Service pilots to Eddie Rickenbacker in number of aerial victories during World War I.  Frank Luke is a recipient of the Medal of Honor. Luke Air Force Base, an important training site for Air Force aviators since WWII, was named in honor of Lt. Luke. Luke was simultaneously admired and disliked for his aggressive tendency to fly alone. His primar target was observers balloons and that was most dangerous target in the WW1 as well they was heavilly defended.

Frank Luke last flight

This digital art present his last combat fight when he was shoot down and just some later he died. Art was digital work and made as promotinal illustration for the book about the Frank Luke.

Srecko Bradic