I am sure that your impressions are still very high regarding to the very new Eduard release of famous German WW2 fighter Messerschmitt Bf109E in 1/32 scale so March release of the detail set for this kit, as well all what is coming, is more then welcome. This set have a very simple name Bf 109E 32219 and bring one steel fret with very precisely fabricated of metal parts and they are in natural metal, no pre painted parts. This set need no pre painting as well it is in general dedicated to fit airframe details of the kit.

If we use some of the terms from PC world, set’s like this one are in general ‘patch’ or plug in’ with intention to enhance or in some cases correct, exciting available kits. So this is also idea of this set and in fit perfectly to the subject. Everybody who have Eduard kit of Bf109E in 1/32 scale know very well that the same kit is very good detailed, either in the basic plastic parts as well with add on etched parts. But the fact is that this is large kit with a lot of space so there is always option for upgrade. As I have above mentioned this etched set 32219 in general have parts for the airframe construction and first steps in the set instruction leaflet are directed to the use of the parts to replace plastic interior cockpit frames with the metal parts. This include that frames have to be first cut and surface sanded and then placing of the metal parts. With this frames are also provided few box shaped parts which have to replace exciting parts and also to completely change their surface. Most interesting is the pilot inhalator which is perfectly molded but with this set you can make it of whole metal with excellent surface details. More attention is given to cockpit and several parts as well surfaces are planed to be replaced with the parts from this etched set.

Eduard Messerschmitt Bf109E 1/32 photo etched detailed set

Engine is very good made and with option to be highly upgraded. Number of parts is for use on this section and there is part for the engine top cover, air intake as well engine mountings. From the bottom oil cooler are provided with the mesh for face as well metal flap replacement. Idea of all of these parts is to display many of details on the same engine and to encourage modeler to make kit with open engine and more then obvious is that this will be subject of many of the dioramas.

So question is- do you really need this etched set? Definitely- yes!!! As I have note this is large scale and the same kit offer a lot of options to upgrade and detail and principal idea of the large kits is to make it with as much as more possible details. With all from available images from book, magazines and Internet it is very possible to highly upgrade this kit so you should not miss the chance! This etched set is perfectly made for this!

This etched set is highly recommended!!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard