Probably the most disliking job for every modeler is cleaning his airbrush, but if you want your airbrush to always work properly you have to keep him tidy and clean all the time. Everyone have the cleaning method of his own, but no matter what method you use you always need something to clean the areas inside the airbrush. The Paasche airbrush cleaning kit features one ‘toothbrush’ style brush with plastic handle and six steel ‘pipe cleaner’ style brushes of different sizes, designed to get to those hard to reach areas inside the airbrush and tubing.

Paasche airbrush cleaning set
Paasche AC-7 set includes
• ‘Toothbrush’ style brush – 180mm (6″)
• 1 x Pipe cleaner style brush – 155mm (4″)
• 5 x Pipe cleaner style brushes – 100mm (7″)
When this set arrived to my address, at the first look it “didn’t caught my eye”, I thought well nothing special, I have been working without this gadget so far but I decided to give it a try. First victim was my Paasche Talon TG freshly used; I wanted to see how this gadget works so I begun cleaning my airbrush at my usual way, and then I used one of the pipe cleaner style brushes to enter the needle area and it did the job I never could do with that success. It even cleaned some left-over from previous paint sessions,
I have tested these brushes on other types of airbrushes and it worked fine with them too.

According to my opinion this set is great and work absolutely wonderful, it may not look so great but I am satisfied with it.

In all this time I was experimenting with cleaners and thinners, Paasche AC-7 is resistible on all modeler thinners (Revell, Model Master, Humbrol, Gunze Sangyo…) White Spirit, Oil and Nitro thinners.
This product is highly recommended

Darko Mladenovic

Sample product provided by Steven Pettersen from Paasche Airbrush Company