Rogozarski IK-3 became operational in 1939. It was the only type to wear proposed fighter overall grey scheme. Problem is that this color was hand mixed ( and hand brush painted) so paint were differ from plane to plane. The same color was enamel based and was mixture of base white color with added Cobalt blue, Ochre and Black color. Color was applied on the plane surface by hand brush. This color was officially called Siva [Grey]. It is matter of question why that color was hand mixed as well manufacturer Moster was producing that kind of paint.

Rogozarski IK-3When the Rogozarski received material from UK for licensed production of Hurricane fighters, IK-3 was over painted on top surface in new arrived colors. There is possibility that first six planes was overpainted only on top surfaces in new colors with underside remained in domestic grey color. No matter that the color are official used on RAF planes they were differ in some details. First important notice is that all of the color was Type S [S for Smooth] which appeared a bit darker then original paints. Color was Red Brown, Light Green, Mid Stone an Sky and all of them was glossy. There was also camouflage pattern but there was many of exceptions of that rule, maybe the only one plane was painted in that manner.

Insignia were changed from peacetime to wartime reduced visibility pattern. Crosses from national insignia had dark blue outline. Initially Kosovsi krst [Kosovo’s cross] was large and carried on wings in four position. On the vertical rudder was wide three color flag. In the summer 1940. that was changed in regard to the new regulations and IK-3 got reduced visibility markings. One larger cross was beneath the wing and the small one was on the wing top surface. Mostly lower insignia was under the starboard wing and upper was on port wing. Only one case was known of reversed wing position [lower port and upper starboard]. Color for insignia was in close relations with French insignia colors. Red color used was Crimson, Blue was mid grey blue. Outline of the cross was made in black blue color. That outline color was mix of insignia blue and black color.

On the vertical was placed a logo of the Rogozarski. Logo presented black circle with blue stylized airplane inside. Down bellow was inscription of manufacturer in black. On rudder was in early period inscription of the type and number of plane also in black. Later there was only number of plane. On the rear lower fuselage was inscription Dizi ovde [lift here] in Cyrillic, black color. On the fuselage side was small four digit registration number also in black. First digit present type of plane [2 for fighter], second type of plane and last two aircraft personal number. In regard to the rules performed on other types of fighter, some samples of IK-3 get all of this inscriptions on the vertical tail during the overhauls or repairs done before the war.

Interior of the plane was in its natural color of material. Cockpit was mostly in natural metal appearance with black instrument panel. Undercarriage interior was in underside color. propeller blades was black.

Srecko Bradic

Color profiles- Srecko Bradic  Image- MJV