In the spring of the 2007, or more precisely May, one new model was released from “Eduard” and that was famous CSSR fighter Avia B.534. That was continuing of the company program of the very new model tooling and as that was note this was very successful. Just some before they are released scale model of the Focke Wulf 190 and this model make great surprise in the quality and precision. Model of Avia B.534 is made in the same top quality manner.

Avia B.534Sample kit we are presenting here is Avia B.534 III. Series and this kit in 1/48 scale is item number 8191. First thing to catch out sight is the art box and it is top art made by Novotny and nicely incorporated in very good overall design of the box. When open the box we are faced with the brutal quality power of the ”Eduard” product- very useful and informative assembly booklet in full color, main part on the four grey brown fret, one fret with transparent parts, pre painted photo etched set, sheet with mask and sheet with very quality printed decals.

Following steps in the assembly booklet is very easy and every detail is very nice presented. Interior of the airplane was aluminum color and this have to be first sprayed inside of the main parts. No matter that photo etched parts are offered as replacement of the many exciting parts in the kit, less experienced modeler could also build a model without them. This also simply notes that in the future this kit will be also released as the weekend edition. But from my point of view even the less experienced modeler could use these parts with no problem especially as well they are very precise etched and pre painted. Instrument panel present state of art of the kit offer.

Building f the kit is straightforward and very easy. Surface detail is at high quality and the details of the fabric over the rib are maybe the best I have ever seen. Arrangement of the parts is also good and some subsection could be made separately of the main build. This give as result faster building time. Also is interesting that tail control surfaces are given as separate parts and they could be cement in inclined position and make model more realistic.

Some options have to be made before the entry into the final stage and this for example include choice of the covered or uncovered main wheels. So it is good to consider first which version will be painted and in regard to this to choice cover option. As well this is the biplane it is good not to fit the top wings and also horizontal tail strut before painting. In front of windshield is small etched gun sight and maybe it could be also placed later. For the cementing of the small etched parts as well windshield I have used transparent acrylic lacquer. Color patent is the same in all four version proposed by “Eduard”. Top side is the khaki green and the underside is silver.

Propeller is a little bit complicated as well it shows its wood grain structure but the parts are painted in the camouflage color. After the decal is set on the kit and covered with varnish model have to be equipped with rigging wires. Also there is option to place small bombs under the wings.

Overall view is that this is great model and this will be for sure great hit for many years for many modelers. The same airplanes have very nice shape and same kit is the top of the model products. I am sure that these features will be greatly appreciated by the small air forces fans… and they are so many all around the world.

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit was provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”