The naval 320 Squadron operated in the United Kingdom during the Second World War as a unit consisting of Dutch people who had escaped at the start of the war to England. They started their operations under British supervision with their own Fokker T-VIIIW floatplanes flown over to England, but these were soon replaced by more modern flying types.

320-squadronThe Dutch author Nico Geldhof presents in this book a detailed overview of all the aircraft types used during the war by 320 Squadron. Aircraft types included are: Fokker T-VIIIW, Avro Anson, Lockheed Hudson, North American B-25 Mitchell, Airspeed Oxford and the De Havilland Mosquito. Except for an extensive type description, also the engines used on these types are described in detail! At the end of the book additional data is given on bomb-aiming devices, bombs, aircraft armament, radar installation, navigation equipment and camouflage and markings.

It is a THICK book of 325 pages with some 200 photos and many drawings.
One condition to fully appreciate the contents of this book is knowledge of the Dutch language since no English text or summary is given.

The book is hardcover at A4 size and in spite of its high price it is excellent value for money as a reference book!

Book details:
Title De Vliegtuigen van 320 squadron
Author Nico Geldhof
Publisher Geromy B.V., Gageldijk 83- P.O. Box 1040, 3600 BA Maarssen -The Netherlands
ISBN 90-672-0397-1
Price EURO 49.90 (excluding shipment costs)

Remark: the publisher has released in the same range a similar, even thicker, book with a detailed account of the wartime operations of 320 squadron!

Nico Braas

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