In the moment when the US heavy bomber B-29 became operation this plane was by the modern terms “state of art” of the military technology. Crew was positioned in the nose in the pressurized cockpit; operation altitude was on which most of the fighters could only to touch, featured strong defense remote controlled turrets, with large radius of action and significant bomb load. Appearance of this bomber was spotted by the intelligence and in Germany was even prepared high altitude fighters to fight it. But only force to be supposed to the fleet of this bomber was Japan aviation.

B-29 hunters bookThis book gives very interesting and vital data about the operation of the US bomber against the Japan homeland as well effort done by the defense force. But before give a details of what this book contain I would like to say a few words about the authors of the book. Koji Takaki was a schoolboy and he very nice remembers high level formations of the B-29 bomber in the sky. Since the ’50 he started a collecting and researching a data and info about the Japan in Second World War. He is also an author of some other titles. Henri Sakaida well knows researcher and he is well know by its titles about the Japan units, warplanes and pilots.
Book is consisting of four chapters and one appendix. First chapter is the introduction into the operations and technique in combat. Japan fighters have a real problem in flying in the high altitude and solution was at the first time found in the removing extra weight as well installation of the new padded propellers.

To train fighters in the combat tactics Japanese use one captured B-17 bomber but first sight of the new enemy was really dramatic due to its size. After some of the failure in intercepting first B-29 bomber to fail in the mission over Japan was “Limber Dugan”.

Several of tactics was used in the attack of the bomber such as standard head on attack or the belly attack with the guns. But most interesting is the ramming attack. Some of this type of attack was very precisely done and result was downed B-29 with Japanese fighter landed but with missing a piece of wing. But some was pure direct hit into the bomber with lose of the both crew aboard.
Inside you will find a lot of the extract from the periodical and newspaper of the time as well images of the exhibited parts of the downed bomber and victory plane. There was special decoration for this ram attack and this was called Bukosho. In the book could be found explanation of this Medal of Honor as well images of the Japanese pilot with this decoration.

As usually for the Osprey books, inside is printed color profile of the Japans fighter planes. They are top artist work and 34 color profiles of the planes are included as well 16 details of the personal markings wear on the planes. Ideal for the modelers!

Book is written in the very precisely style, easy to read and bring a lot of less known or unknown information. Selection of the images are excellent and overall appearance that this is ultimate source for the all interesting in this subject.

Srecko Bradic

Sample publication provided by Ruth Galpine, Marketing Coordinator from “Osprey” publication