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Welcome Paul! :-flo :-tri

I hope you will have nice time here! :-salut

Hello Everybody!!!

My name is Marcin Ulman and I live in Krakow, city in Poland.
I am a member and reporter of Polish RNAV spotters an organization for people who take photos of planes at cruising altitude. (I know it's strange, but true !)
The other area of my interest is aircraft profiles paining using Photoshop. I'm very passionate (and very newbie) about this kind of art but I hope to present someday my work to all of You.

But now I'm wondering how I can contribute to our forum ?
You might like to know (certainly you already know) that there is an Aviation Museum located in Krakow with a great collection of old and modern airplanes.
The full list of exhibits you can find on the website:

So if you need some photos or other stuff I can get from there, please feel free to contact me.

Last but not least. I'd like to thank Admin Srecko for his kind acceptance for me to join the forum.

Best regards  :-salut

Hi man and wish you nice time here :-ok

Hello and welcome, Marcin! :-wave
Just yesterday I was flying with JAT 737-300 YU-AND, and have taken some in-flight pictures, so I presume I know what you're talking about... :-think

Paul Bradley:
Thanks, Srecko, glad to be here.  :)


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