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Welcome mate and enjoy  :-ok How I get time... fisrt at all I have all friends here and we all help to each other. It is easy when you have friends  ;) Are you one of us  :-razz


Welcome Tim, as No.1 said, you are among friends here  :-wise

Welcome Tim  :-flo

Paul Bradley:
Another newbie here!

Some of you may know me from my IPMS columns in SAMI, and last year, I had my first book published, the Modellers' Datafile on the Hawker Hunter, which Srecko illustrated so brilliantly! Srecko is helping me with my new project which will be an MDF on the Fairey Firefly, hopefully due out next Spring.

I am originally from Britain - Portsmouth to be exact - but I have lived in the USA since 1993. My intrest in aviation started way back in 1969 when I was 5, and, of course, I also enjoy aviation modelling. I hope I can be an asset to the forum!  :)


It is my great pleasure to see you here Paul :-clap :-ok


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