Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVA formation start

Originally, the Dassault MD 454 Mystère IV A was one of the numerous foreseen versions of the pre-series MD 452 Mystère, particularly the Mystère II C, its immediate predecessor , the 150 production examples of which saw only limited service with the Armée de l’Air. The Mystère IV project bore little more than a general aerodynamic resemblance to the Mystère II C. It was a new step in the search of high speed aircraft with the adoption of a new wing with increased sweep-back and reduced chord/thickness ratio. The new fuselage was more robust and had an oval section built to take the Rolls-Royce/Hispano-Suiza “Tay” of 5,700 lb.s.t.

Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVA no. 01

The first prototype, the Mystère IV A-01 flew for the first time on 28 September, 1952. On 17 January, 1953, with Kosia Rozanoff at the controls, attained the speed of the sound. Eight more prototypes were ordered (N° 02 to 09), the Mystère IV A taking off for the first time on 5 April, 1954 with Paul Boudier at the controls. Following this flight an off-shore procurement order was placed for 225 interceptor-fighters of the type, this later being supplemented by an order for a further 100 machines. Finally a total of 411 examples will be built.

Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVA no. 56

The first fifty Mystère IV A fighters manufactured for the Armée de l’Air were powered by the 6,280 lb.s.t Hispano-Suiza “Tay” 250A and the type entered service during 1955. The first unit to receive the Mystère IV A was the 12ème Escadre (12 EC) at Cambrai-Épinoy, Northern France, followed by 2 EC (Dijon), 5 EC (Orange), 7 EC (Metz), 8 EC (Cazaux), 10 EC (Creil). School units too received the type at Salon-de Provence, Tours, Cazaux and Rochefort (this later school for mechanics).  59 examples went to Israel and 110 to India. France received a total of 242 machines.

Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVA no. 76

From the 113th machine onwards, the Mystère IV A received the Hispano-Suiza “Verdon” 350 tubojet, the French version of the “Tay”, with the same thrust.


The Mystère IV A went to war during the Suez crisis in October-November, 1956 and during tne confrontation between Israel end her neignbpours in June, 1967. India used intensively the Mystère IV A during the indo-pakistan conflict.

Jean Claude Mermet