Dornier Do 217N-2 PE#AW

Dornier Do 217N-2 PE#AW

Dornier Do 217 was developed as a replacement for the Dornier do 17 bomber. The first prototype (the Do 217 V1) flew on 4 October 1938. It was mass-produced from November 1940 to may 1944. In total, 1905 samples were built. It serves in Luftwaffe until the end of WW2 in various roles.

01. Dornier Do 217 N-07, Dornier Werke plant, Friedrichshafen, 1942. Camouflage is standard splinter with top side in greys RLM 74 and 75 and the bottom in RLM 76.

02. Dornier Do 217 K, W.Nr. 56051, U5-DK from 2./KG 2, which crashed after mission over London and wreck was found on the outskirt of Cambridge and later excamined by RAF. Interesting to note that tail surface coming from another machine, Do 217 E so therefore, W.Nr. look different. Night bombing camouflage with black bottom, RLM 76 top and camouflage spots.

03. Dornier Do 217 K-1, W.Nr. 4446, from KG 2. Similar camouflage as above machine while it have no camouflage spots at the top surface.

04. Dornier Do 217 J-2, pilot Major Radush, Stab./NJG 5, Doberitz, early 1944. Unexpected to see night fighting machine in all white color so this is very interesting machine.

05. Dornier Do 217 M-1, 2./KG 2, Munster- Handorf, September 1944. Standard camouflage with old green colors at the top RLM 70 and 71 with black bottom.

06. Dornier Do 217 J-1 235-8, from 41 Stormo, flown by Capitano Ammannato. Standard all black finish with reduced Italian insignia.

07. Dornier Do 217 K, U5-AA, from Stab./KG 2, Netherlands, 1943, camouflage is standard night bomber with green colro at the top and black at bottom.

08. Dornier Do 217 N-1, Stab or I.7NJG 101, Ingolstadt-Manching, May 1945. Very spot fill camouflage which is in general RLM 4 and 75 greys with the a lot of the spots in the same color on the fuselage sides.

Bradic Srecko