IL-14 is a Soviet short-haul piston twin-engine aircraft. It began to be developed in the 1940s due to the need to replace the obsolete IL-12 and Li-2. The first flight was made on July 13, 1950. IL-14 was the first serial modification.

Ilyushin Il-14 'Crate' DM-SAA Deutsche Lufthansa

Ilyushin Il-14 ‘Crate’ DM-SAA Deutsche Lufthansa

Technical data for Il-14M:

Wingspan- 31.70 m
Length- 22.31 m
Height- 7.90 m
Wing area- 99.70 m2
Empty- 12500 kg
Maximum take off- 17500 kg
Internal fuel- 6500 l
Engine 2 x PD Shvetsov ASh-82T radials
Power- 2 x 1900HP
Maximum speed- 416 km/h
Cruising speed-  350 km/h
Range- 1600 km
Practical ceiling- 7400 m
Crew- 3-4
Payload: up to 42 passengers or 3400 kg of cargo

Military transport version was created on the basis of Il-14M. On the port side of the fuselage, a cargo door was mounted (2.71 m in width and 1.6 m high) for paratroopers and cargo operations.

The interest in this plane still continues today. At present, enthusiasts of the aviation-sports club Albatross-Aero have restored two Il-14T.

Srecko Bradic