Ford Tri Motor is very famous airliners, started production in 1925 and total of 199 Ford Trimotors were made. Today its still flying and machine presented here is Ford 4-A-T-E Trimotor, NC8407. First flew on 21 August, 1929, and was initially delivered to Pitcairn Aviation, which later that year became known as Eastern Air Lines.

Ford 4-A-T-E Trimotor NC8407

Ford 4-A-T-E Trimotor NC8407

This sample machine have interesting history in changing’s its role and operators few times. In 1930, the Ship 8407 was leased to Cubana de Aviacion. It was also used by the government of the Dominican Republic and after return to USA, used for crop dusting and change several operators within USA. It was damaged in thunderstorm in 1973 and after 12 years of restoration, it was in sky again in 1985. It was on display on EAA Air Venture Museum and in 1991 it is back on role of passenger transport.

No doubt that its resemble style and elegance of the past and show it in full shine today.

Srecko Bradic

All photos- Mark Nankivil