This year I have had the opportunity to go to the Brno expo ! With my friends Jacques and Domi (RetrokiT) we leaved from Seraing (near Liège, Belgium) on Thursday 10Pm and arrived at Brno on Friday 10AM.

Modellbrno 2017

Modellbrno 2017

After having visited a little bit the town and registered to the hotel, we go to the hall expo… A big one! Opening on 16.07.2017 at 12:00  for the sellers. We installed the stand of RetrokiT and then made the first contacts with other sellers. Czech beer was appreciated…

The first day closed at 07:00 PM. Back to the hotel for some refreshment; then restaurant and as we were both of us tired, we slept easily and not too late…

Saturday, the show opened at 09:00 AM. First objective: the stand of Eduard. I had the opportunity to meet Vladimir Sulc, but also Petra, the very sympathic woman of the customer service. It was nice to have the possibility to thank her for her valuable services.

Saturday was the expo open to the public and visitors were numerous! Very happy to can meet some good friends like Srecko Bradic, Lubos Vinar and Andreas Bdinka (this last one from IPMS Austria). “Cultural” exchanges were appreciated (Czech and Belgian beers)…

The models entered in contest were stunning. I must say I never have seen such a high level of work in the many other expos I’ve visited.

When the expo closed, we go back to the city for a restaurant and a little walk on the place, testing and appreciating local products.

We came back to Belgium with lots of souvenirs and… Happy!

Daniel Clamot