Just a short time ago I had the pleasure to present one product from North Star and right now I have another great pleasure to say some words of another of their products- exhaust for the MiG-29

North Star MiG-29 engine

North Star MiG-29 engine

This product comes in 1/48 scale and stock code is NS 48093. The package comes in a transparent bag and inside are parts for the two exhausts. They include resin parts as well as a sheet with etched parts. First look shows impressive surface details and comparing with images of actual exhaust determines that this product is authentic. The product is specified for GWH, which kit you can use it. At this moment two kits of the MiG-29 are available in this scale and I am sure it can fit both of them.

First thing I did was to slice all parts from their mold base. I used a machine for that but you can also use a small saw for this without any problem.  I must give attention on part number six, take maximum care when cutting it off its base and then sand to proper thickness, it has very tiny elements and it can be broken. So take a maximum care. Once when all parts are sanded I have sprayed them with black base for Alclad (you can have this from Hobbyshop at a decent price).

I have sprayed a few different exhaust shades of Alclad and then dry brushed metallic shades over some areas. The effect is very realistic to me. When this step is completed I have cemented part by part, following very precise and good assembly instructions. The final result is amazing!

I must apologize to the manufacturer that I did not include external etched parts which goes on fuselage above the new exhaust. The reason is that on the model of MiG-29 I have, original exhaust are so strongly cemented that there was real danger that big damage could be made if I tried to break them away. I hope our friends from North Star, as well as the readers, will understand. These details are very authentically made and it is a pity I did not represent them here.

This is a great product which will bring an excellent look to your kit and I give top recommendation to this product. My big thanks to the manufacturer who has kindly provided me this sample for review and you can get this amazing product here!

Srecko Bradic