The SAAB Safir is the latest jewel coming from Tarangus and the scale is as usual, 1/48. This comes as a bit of a surprise since they have for a long time campaign of new kit development and I must say- surprise is good!!!

SAAB Safir

SAAB Safir

Well, the new kit has stock code TA804. The scale is as mentioned 1/48 and it comes in a nice compact box where on the front side is a nice in flight image of a Swedish all yellow Safir and on the cover is painting instructions. Content consists of instructional leaflet, excellent decal sheet (with markings for Sweden, Ethiopia and Finland) and plastic parts on just three frets. Two are grey plastic and one transparent part.

Since many details, inside and outside, differ from operator to operator, I strongly recommend you to carefully study instruction before start. This kit is very easy to build. Preparation of parts is easy, detail you should take attention is the connecting point of the fret with parts, they need good cleanup to achieve good parts join. First to come to assembly is cockpit. Instructions state that entire interior was in grey color, with some details like seats and pilot stick in other color. I take a look on many images and note variations in interior colors, for example the sample I built have green instrument panel. So I decide to paint it green.

One detail inside not provided by the manufacturer is the interior mesh curtains. No matter what version you are building, all of them have them. I show on images how this should look like in a Finnish version and how on version I made. I made this mesh from new Eduard mesh products. The same assembly is easy but it is good to make a dry run before any final step. Also note one important thing, the plane is tricycle type so you need to add extra weight into nose. Good thing is that you have good space right beneath the plastic elements which represent engine.

After the cockpit, you can assemble all of the rest of the parts in an hour or two. This is how much is easy to build this kit. I did some changes from the original kit. I added pilot seat belts and I cut holes on front fuselage side as well since exhaust air flows there. I placed all parts but the wheels; I left these for final assembly. Painting was a real pleasure, after application of the Black surface I applied a coat of yellow paint and after dry I sprayed the green nose. You can paint foot step black after that.

Decals are so tiny and very sensitive; take great care when working with them. Use much water and fingers and towels have to be wet. Slide them directly from paper to surface. Each version are a separated set so you have there all stencils and instruction markings alongside with national insignia.

And final tips for the kit build. Safir have pitot tube on each wing so you have to make it. I used excellent Albion Alloys tubes. Take care of nose weight, interior elements and decals sensitivity. Nothing critical, just a bit care.

Excellent kit!!! I definitely recommend it to all who are interested in such types, this is good market refreshment and I hope Tarangus will continue in this way. You can have your kit here and I grant great thanks for my sample, provided by Tarangus.

Srecko Bradic