My friend Domi from Retrokit UK decided to organize this year his first model expo with its local club for young modelers from Rochester.

The Orchards 2013

The Orchards 2013

The expo took place on Saturday 29th june  at The Orchards, a merchant gallery not so far from Rochester and where the club takes its activities.

As Domi invited me, it was for me the opportunity to discover England and how British people are living with our hobby.

So, on Friday 28th, I took the train from my home to Brussels where I take the Eurostar. Travel with the Eurostar was very comfortable and fast: less than two hours after the start, I met Domi at Ebbsflet International…

On the evening, I helped Domi to prepare the expo and, on Saturday, we woke up before the sun did and arranged the kits on the tables. The clubs and merchants uninvited by Domi came also quickly and at the opening of the gallery, all was ready.

That first expo was a little but very sympathic one; I had the opportunity to meet English people of course, but also French guys coming from Calais.

For that first time there were no contest but a best of show was attributed by the public. Public were numerous, many of the visitors of the gallery took the time to visit the expo.

For that first expo, it’s really a success. Domi is thinking to the next one, in 2014. That will probably take two days and there will be a contest. For me, decision is alredy taken: I will be present in 2014!

Eurostar bring me back home in Sunday 30th. I have enjoyed my trip in England…

Daniel Clamot