For review now is the LED Magnifier Tweezers, product code FTW1124. This presents us with a very interesting combo tool with some interesting handling features. It comes in a transparent plastic case and is very easy to handle.

Model Craft Magnifier

Model Craft Magnifier

The tool is of small size and fits very easily into the palm of the hand. The basic function is magnifying, and the built in optics provide a magnification factor of 1.75x. The lens is built into the top ring of the tool and its angle relative to the handle can be adjusted. You can easily hold the tool in your hand for close-up work and inspection. At the other end of the tool is an adjustable tweezers. This can be used in two ways—either as a normal tweezers for holding objects, or as a stand for the magnifier. Using this stand option frees both hands for working on the magnified subject matter.

Another nice feature is the small LED light bulb located at the lens. This will be useful in lighting objects being worked on and the light is more than enough to highlight small details. The battery is installed on the rear side of the tool, with a sliding panel for easy access.

All in all, this is a very useful tool that could find everyday use in your workshop! You can find your sample here!

Srecko Bradic

Great thanks to Shesto for sample product