Looking for a better MiG-15 in 1/72 scale? Well, it is hard for me to recommend kit for you, but I would, without any doubt, direct you to the latest Eduard upgrade products. This is a wheel set and ejection seat in 1/72 scale.



In general these products are intended for the new Eduard kit but this does not mean you can’t add them to any other MiG-15 kit in this scale. Let’s explain these Eduard products……both are from the Brassin series and are packed in a transparent plastic case. The main elements are molded in urethane resin but each package has its own additional content.

The wheels are manufacturer stock number 672007 and inside are four beautifully molded wheels and a quick-mask set. Work with this is more than easy and fast. I painted the basic black color and after drying I painted free-hand the green wheel hub color. Next step is to apply the circular masking shapes from the sheet and paint the tire color. Remove the masks, remove the tires from their molding base, and that’s it!

The ejection seat is stock number 672008 and inside are two resin parts (the seat and seat structure) and one small etched sheet with painted elements. Without removing from the mold base I first applied a black base coat (I simply like black as a base, use any other color as you need) and then painted in light grey. A few elements need to be painted in yellow, silver, and red. When this part is completed just remove the etched parts and place them on the seat. Most of these are belts but there are also a few small detail parts.

In a very short time, and without any extra effort, you will be able to upgrade your kit with these products. They look so good and accurate, and are easy to work with. I really recommend these products and you can order them here and here.

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Eduard