Sometimes it is not just enough to make a perfect plastic kit; you need to make a background environment to put the kit in. To do so you need many other things not directly related to the model itself. This could be an artificial or a natural subject. For natural subjects you need material to create ground, plants, stones, water etc. The most complicated background to make well is composed of plants and vegetation, especially in small scale. So, a new product from Eduard could be of help – Leaves Fern (product stock number 73438).

Leaves Fern

Leaves Fern

What you get in this small set is a number of leaves, painted on both sides. Eduard has taken attention to make them in various sizes to give a better effect on the diorama. My quick search indicates that the leaves are related to two families of plants. The first one is Pteris, which is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Many of them have linear frond segments, and some have sub-palmate division. Eduard’s set is a most suitable match to this species. The other one is Popylodum, and it is the closest European fern matching the look of the Eduard set, and you can use the smaller leaves of this set for dioramas as well.

This product has plenty of potential applications: it could be used by plastic kit modelers, armor modelers, ship modelers, war gamers, and also for “green” organizations to make their own dioramas and use it for presentations. An excellent product indeed, and used with other material it could help you to create a very authentic scenery on your desk. Get you sample here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Eduard