The High Velocity Aircraft Rocket, or HVAR, also known by the nickname Holy Moses, was an American unguided rocket developed during World War II to attack targets on the ground from aircraft. It saw extensive use both during World War II and during the Korean War.



And from modelers point of view this is one of many small but valuable items we need to give realistic look to our kits. Product described here is Eduard Brassin set HVAR, stock item 648061. This 1/48 scale set is packed in transparent plastic box. Two box cell’s contain resin parts as well photo etched parts. Inside is also assembly leaflet with simple but effective direction how to assembly part into small rocket for your kit.

Parts are of top production quality and the same assembly goes smooth. Note that etched parts include ignition wire and connectors ring but no need to put this parts before you decide to mount it on kit. One of kit recommend to use is Eduard Hellcat in 1/48 scale. There is variation in external look of missiles and on image is shown one unpainted sample as well three samples in various schemes as soon on archive images. Detail not include in set is the decals which is important for this kit.

Excellent addition to your kit and for sure it could have wide use. Get your sample here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product provided by Eduard