Canuck belong to those type of aircrafts which is rarely chosen to be produced by kit manufacturers. And in many cases we are fortunate if any kit is available, no matter about the quality. In this way resin kit of Canuck in 1/144 made by Czechs company Mini Wing is great news on the market. And must say- this is impressive product!!!

Canuck from Mini Wing

Canuck from Mini Wing

Box is small and strong and inside box is instructional leaflet with clamped decals and small plastic bag with kit parts. First look on part show that manufacturer has made it in outstanding quality, like the plastic injected kits. Great thing is that transparent canopy is not vacu formed plastic but mold transparent resin and this give better possibility for those less experienced. Panels and surface details are given almost perfect and the same panels are perfectly balanced, not to tiny and not heavy!

For the assembly work really little tools is need, I use one sharp knife, small saw, super glue with precise applicator, sanding tools. Work on kit is so easy and swift. Resin is so easy to cut and shape it for merge with other parts. Few part are grounded to mold base, like air intake, exhaust and nose cone so you need a little more care when you remove it and sanding with coarse grit is one of good way to remove extra resin and get the part you need in perfect shape.

What really impress me is the decals, they are look like ALPS printed and they are excellent! One feature is that whole decal sheet is cover with decal emulsion so you need to precisely trim each object you need to transfer on kit. Very first to use will be instrument panels for pilot and navigator as well decals for seat. This is very smart solution and very easy you get very realistic effect on this very small kit. Best part of the game is that due to the complexity of some object, like wheels, manufacturer give wheel as prinetd decals and this is one of great feature of kit.

Build of the kit can be done in several hours!!! In the kit was provided two options for finish and both present Canadian airplanes. Both are attractive and have natural metal finish. Most of the images I have seen show this airplanes in manner we always seen- with various metal panels shade. Just few samples I have seen with complete uniform shades of metal skin. I have used basic coat of aluminum color and then add various shades of metal. Black cone, anti glare as well leading edge was done at the very end.

Credit: Robert Sullivan

Kit is impressive in every aspect of the meaning!! So easy to build and so precisely mold that I would recommend it even to absolute beginers! Decals lay flat, no problems spotted with silver borders. Order your sample here and enjoy in this great kit!!!

Srecko Bradic

Thanks to Radek from Mini Wing for the sample kit of Canuck. Special thanks to Robert Sullivan for providing of great archive images of Canuck from his collection, which was of great help during build.