[dropcap]K[/dropcap]opro is well known manufacturer of decals for plastic kit and their range cover from generic decal sets as well decals for the specific aircrafts. Most of their range cover 1/72 scale but there is also 1/48 scale as well 1/144 scale.

Kopro decals

Kopro decals

Thanks to the Lubos Vinar from Hobby Shop we are able to make one short review of their decal products but please note that products mentioned here are just some of them and their range is even greater and growing! First general note is that all of their product coming in thin transparent package and inside is color printed leaflet as well decal sheet. Leaflet are very precise and include four side views with precise instruction how to use and the same decals are top quality print!!!

F-105D Thunderchief Vietnam Era – 1/48 decal include this USAF workhorse in camouflage pattern as well natural metal. Some very nice subjects inside! Direct buy!

Letov S.328 Wheel – 1/72 decal, this machine were used by several air forces and this number was enlarged after collapse of CSSR in Second World War. Samples provided by decals are machines used by German and Bulgarian operators. Direct buy!

Luftwaffe Chevrons for Fighters – 1/48 decal, the name talk for it self, selected unit leader markings- direct buy!

Luftwaffe Chevrons for Fighters – 1/72 decal, the same subject as above but in smaller 1/72 scale. Direct buy!

Luftwaffe Swastikas – 1/144 decal, the 1/144 scale become more and more popular so this set is more then important! Direct buy!

Luftwaffe Swastikas Pt.1 – 1/48 decal, the same content as previous sets above and include different styles of swastika and different sizes. Direct buy!

Luftwaffe Swastikas Pt.1 – 1/72 decal, various sizes and styles of the German WW2 national insignia. Direct buy!

Luftwaffe Swastikas Pt.2 – 1/48 decal, selected styles and sizes of swasika, accompanied with Part 1 of this set! Direct buy!

MiG-21MF Fishbed J – 1/48 decal, excellent solution to get some of very colorful camouflage and markings pattern used by different operators! Direct buy!

MiG-21R Recce Dragon – 1/48 decal, stuning machine used for recce missions and with nice dragon design on it! Direct buy!

N1K1-Ja Shiden Type 11 – 1/72 decal, this decal set featured few machines used over Japan mainland in final months of WW2. Direct buy!

Siebel Si 204D/E Luftwaffe & Russia – 1/72 decal, very important transport machine, decals cover Soviet and German operators. Direct buy!

Su-25UB/UBK Two seater – 1/48 decal, very colorful options for markings! Direct buy!

An-26 Curl Anniversary Marking – 1/72 decal, Czecs Air Force very colorful Annyversary markings! Direct buy!

Excellent subjects, top print as well very friendly prices are reason why you should consider this manufacturer and use it on your kits!! Highly recommended!! Full range of product here!

Srecko Bradic

Samples products was provided by Lubos Vinar from HobbyShop