[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y opinion is that many enthusiast would be less informed about the aviation history if the company like the Olimp Models would not exist. In the world of the commercial projects it is worth to respect any project which bring us something new, less known and definitely unusual. So how many of us take any attention on the Martin project of the submarine operated small biplane scout from the early ’20 of the last century?

Martin MS-1

Martin MS-1


One of the latest product which come from Olimp Models is the small project of the Navy scout plane Martin MS-1. The MS-1 was a naval scout airplane designed to fold and be carried inside sealed tanks on the deck of submarines. Fully loaded, the MS-1 weighed only 1000 pounds. The MS-1 was canceled after one of the six built was submarine tested. Interesting that metal structure is made by Goodyear who have experience in the metal structure.

Olimp Models kit of this plane is on the 1/72 scale and full resin cast, stock number R72-047. Parts are quality made and easy to removed from the base. Inside is also small sheet of the decals as well instructions leaflet. This leaflet is very easy to follow and it brings on the first page brief history of the machine and rest is for the kit assembly and finish. It is very easy to follow and use. Paints is given in regard to the Humbrol, Model Master and Revell range of paints.

MS-1 in 1/72 is very small kits and assembled few of them could stand on palm. During the build you should note on few things- first at all carefully sand edges of the parts with fine sand paper as well there is very small flush and second take care about the bubbles of air in thicker parts like floats and fuselage. It is recommended to put fine top coat of the liquid filler on that area and this will seal all fine holes which could be appear on fuselage.

As well this is biplane, you realize that this is a bit more difficult to build this but as well this is very small kit, same build could be more tricky. No matter that it is small, it have all it need including of the detailed parts in the cockpit interior. Final look is very attractive and belong to the golden age of the American aviation, with bright yellow top wings and rest of the airframe in sliver and grey. Decals are excellent printed and include all what you need for one machine, sample A-6526.

This kit is so cute that it is worth to have it and it’s very small appearance will for sure take attention in show case among the larger kits. You can get your sample from Olimp Models and also see our build on forum!

Srecko Bradic

With special thanks  to Oleg Rozentsvayg from Olimp Models for providing a review model.