One of the big gap in the model market is the kit of the Venom. In whole plastic modeling history there were just few kits ever made in 1/72 scale and they are very hard to find. More to say, if you try to search it via Internet search engines, you will get more finds about various animal venoms and poisons then about this well known British fighter plane. Just fresh release from the Czech manufacturer CMR rapidly changes this situation. Their fresh release is focused on few models and here will be presented model FB.1 and this is CMR kit No. 188.

Resin kit in 1/72 of Venom
Everybody who has met before with CMR kits know that they manufacture in the resin technology and this product present the best possible craftwork. It is not possible to say that quality of the parts is as on the top plastic injection kits but definitely they are very quality made. Inside the box is over 150 quality cast resin parts, two vacuum formed canopies, two frets with etched parts and mask for canopy. There is several printed papers with the list of all parts, detailed step by step guide, short history of the plane with images and as we expected several samples machines for final finish.

Decals are very quality printed and etched parts include pre painted elements and this made possible to made very detailed and authentic kit. Surface details of the parts are excellent and many structure details are very good presented. Assembly of the kit is easy but you have to know that this is not kit for the beginners. So for the experienced modeler it is easy to make and I have built my model in just few days.

General opinion is that this is very nice kit with very good options for final assembly. If you like this early age of the jet planes- don’t miss this kit!!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Peter Buchar from CMR