Fokker D.VII in 1/48 scale made by Eduard is possibly one of the best kit of this plane and scale on market. It is delivered in various forms and pattern on market and two basic types are special editions and weekend editions. Weekend edition is stand alone kits without protective mask or photo etched parts and intended as cheap solution for most of the modelers. In this way idea to make detailed photo etched set sound very interesting.

Fokker D.VII detail set package

Alongside with the new weekend edition kit of Fokker D.VII with Herman Goring markings delivered in July, Eduard also launched photo etched set for this plane. This set capture all of the features of all Eduard photo etched sets- great number of parts, various details, very fine manufacturing technology, pre painted parts…

Detail set for Fokker D.VII have number FE402 and it have full set of parts for cockpit interior, engine, machine guns, instruments panels and many other various parts. Instruction coming on one sheet of paper and clearly shows all steps of built in these metal parts into the plastic kit. Results are very eye catching and image show how the kit look with all this parts included.

Excellent set of parts and definitely worth to have it and use it!

Sample detail set is provided by Jana Sulcova from Eduard

Srecko Bradic