Air Show at Cuatro Vientos is the largest one held in the Spain and images present event held on 3rd September 2006. This is very interesting place to see very rich collection of the airplanes. Images bellow show followings airplanes:

Air Show at Cuatro Vientos 2006Piper L-14 Cub s/n 45-55531 (EC-AAP), Bucker Bu-133c Jungmeister s/n ES.1-17 (EC-ALP), AISA I-11B Peque s/n L.8C-16 (EC-BKH), Cessna L-19A-IT Bird Dog s/n L.12-5 (EC-DQX), NA T-6G Texan s/n E.16-198 (EC-DUM), Hispano Ha-200D Saeta s/n E.14B-50 (EC-DXR), Casa (Bucker) Jungmann s/n E.3B-31 (EC-EFT), Boeing A75-N1 Stearman s/n 8089 (EC-FNM), Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 s/n EC-JRK, Focke-Wulf FW44J StieGlitz s/n LV-YZP (EC-JSE), DHC-4A Caribou s/n T.9-9.

Robert Hodgson