One of the very large air show held in the UK where unique collection of vintage airplanes is presented in airworthy condition. But interesting to see is also some WW1 replicas. Images bellow show following types:

HarrierNoorduyn AT-16 Harvard IIB s/n FE788, Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress s/n 124485, Morane Saulnier MS505 Criquet s/n DM+BK, Nord 1002 Pingouin II s/n KG+EM, Canadian- Vickers Canso PBY-5A, Soko J-20 Kraguj register number G-RADA, Texan AT-6, Beech C-45 Expeditor s/n HB275, Douglas C-47B s/n KK116, Supermarine Spitfire MH434, Douglas C-47A s/n TS423, Klemm Kl-35D s/n NQ+NR, Nieuport 17 (replica), Avro Lancaster s/n PA474, Photo Spitfire, Westland Sea King 48 s/n RS-05, Avro WD413, Percical Pembroke C1 s/n XL954, Gnat XR991, Westland Lynx HAS3S s/n XZ730, Westland Lynx HMA8DSP s/n XZ732, Boeing Chinook HC2, BAe Harrier GR7 s/n ZD330, Westland-Agusta EH-101 Merlin HC3 s/n ZJ131

Robert Hodgson