FMA I.Ae 33 Pulqui II [Arrow] was projected by the team headed by brilliant German designer Kurt Tank and the idea was to replace British Gloster Meteor Mk. 4 in the Argentina’s air force. In this reason in the project were included some results of the test made in Germany during the second world war. Airplane had swept wing at 40 degree ant T tails with the same swept. Landing gear was of tricycle type and powerplant was Rollce-Royce Nene placed in the rear section of the fuselage. Pilots cockpit was pressurized with bullet proof windshield. Also there was ejecting seat as well ejectable cockpit canopy.

Pulqui II Argentina jet fighterFirst of the four prototype made its maiden flight at June 27 1950 and the last one could not take off until the September 18 1959. In the meantime one of the prototypes crashed and the Kurt tank and its team left the country and went to Egypt. This reasons and hard economical situation caused this project to be canceled.

Type- single seat jet plane

Engine- one turbo jet Rollce Royce Nene 2 with 2268 kg thrust

Speed- max speed 1050 km/h at 5000 m

Top ceiling- 15000 m

Endurance- 2 hors and 20 minutes

Weights- empty 3600 kg, max take off 5500 kg

Dimensions- span 10.6 m, length 11.08 m, height 3.5 m

Wing area- 25.1 sq m

Armament- four 20 mm cannon

Eugenio Rupnik

Photos- Direcction de Asuntos Historicos Furza Aerea Argentina