Heinkel He162 is one of the most indigenous fighter projects of the Second World War. Made in Germany in the Heinkel it features many of the great approach of it’s design. First at all that was small aircraft and smaller then the other jet fighters and even single engine piston fighter. Powered with one turbo jet engine he could perform hi speed and climb rate. Armament was strong and it has two cannon in the lower front fuselage with large access door for maintenance. Also it has very rare feature- ejection seat. This high performance fighter was mostly made of wood as well metal was in shortage. Deployed very last to the Luftwaffe units this airplane initially intended to be mass produced, did not have time to demonstrate its quality. Too late…

Heinkel He162It’s very nice design and shape makes it one of the interesting subjects for the modelers. Several manufacturers were made scale kit of this airplane and one of the best is “Dragon” from Hong Kong. So this is no wonder why the “Eduard” choose their kit as target for the upgrade with bulk of the new photo etched parts. In first moment I was wonder what there should be add as well we all know how this manufacturer from Asia build their model. But I was wrong- there is really wide field for the improvement and upgrade and “Eduard” is again done direct hit with their products.

In the new October release was several sets dedicated for this kit. That was Zoom color set FE393 for 1/48 scale He 162 Spatz with self adhesive parts. So modeler has double benefit with these parts- first, critical parts are pre painted, like instruments panels and many small parts and the other some of them are self adhesive. On the back side of some parts are apply layer of the gelatin which fit and hold to the surface perfectly. It is not matter what is the top coat of the surface- it could bond even to the gloss coat surface. Some care has to be made and not to be hold with fingers over these areas.

So what you can do with this “Eduard” parts? Almost everything on the kit! Cockpit canopy have a number of parts for the detailing of the side walls, ejection seat, control consoles and rudder control. Also there have to be mentioned full new instrument board made of few parts. Inside of the canopy few placed coming. Two of them replace section of the part and it is used to hold the part for the fuselage. Small details like the reflex gun sight are included too- so there is frame which hold transparent film and give nice simulation of the real subject. Well, this is not all- except of these small details inside of the cockpit there is large rear wall which is placed just behind the pilot seat and include all surface details and more part is to be placed on it. On the same cockpit interior with all of this parts you can spent all day work on it with outstanding results.

Heinkel He162

Second interior subject of the “Eduard” enhancement is the armament bays. This is whole new world of the kit- first at all main shape of the walls inside is made of etched parts which is base for the further detailing. So these small parts which have to be placed inside include all framing and construction as well bearings and holder for the M.G.151 cannon. Very precise slot is made where cannon barrel is protruding and goes into its hole thought the fuselage. Like on the real airplane. Even small part like the cannon get few of the photo etched parts!

Landing gear bay and engine with its compartment is also special story for it self. Original plastic parts are very good base and “Eduard” parts coming there for extra details. There are small parts on the wheels and number of parts inside of the bay. Most of them are related on the construction framing. Engine includes great number of parts. First to be placed is the two etched bands around the engine and they present all wiring on this section of the engine. After that there is more and more small parts to be add and almost all of them are related to the wiring or piping.

Final part which coming on the kit is small front sight and it is positioned in front of windshield. After that your He162 will get a look of the real award wining kit and that is the major feature of many of the “Eduard” products- made to win!

Bradic Srecko

Sample kit was provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”