La-7 is one of the best fighters of the Second World War and many of the famous Soviet aces flew this type of fighter. This is the final world of the long development starting with LaGG fighter, developed into the La-5 fighter and its final was the La-7. There was two main version of the fighter, one with standard two cannon and the other one with three cannon mounted atop the engine.

Lavockin La-7 fighterFor a long time this was missing links but “Eduard” release fill this gap. Subject of this article is the kit in 1/72 No. 1109 produced by “Eduard” and coming as a limited edition series. Art on the box is on the high standard of the company and present plane exposed onto the white background and this design give focus to the subject. Inside is the kit parts and main parts coming on one injected plastic fret and one more for the transparent parts. Maybe this look very Spartan but additional set inside are two set of the etched parts of the very small and detailed parts which have to be placed on the kit.

The same modeling is very easy. Parts are fit perfectly and no additional works is needed. As well kit include two set of etched parts and one of this is the set with flaps it is necessary before wing assembly to cut the flap in the line engraved on the bottom wing surface and grind and sand surface to make good base and space for the photo etched flaps. These flaps are coming in two boxes which have to be built in to the wing and the flaps which have to be cemented on the hinge line.

Instructional leaflet is very detailed and built in of the number of very small parts into the kit is easy. Decals are provided for the four planes and I was really impressed with the quality and the fact that that much of planes are provided as well this version of la-7 with three cannon is not much known and images are very rare.

At least what expect from “Eduard” but the top model and very accurate. This kit brings all the best what the modeler want to built.

Full article is published in the Model Aircraft Monthly issue January 2007 and drawings in February 2007.

Srecko Bradic

Sample model provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”