Fokker Dr. I streaky camouflageFokker Dr. I have one of the very specific camouflage pattern. In regards to the other pattern this plane, as well Fokker D. VII, had streaky camouflage. This camouflage was made with the strokes of brush and some research that this brush was 8 cm wide. Basic surface was not painted but only clear doped and over this coat was applyed single coat of stroke. As well the surface look uniform this could be that the same streaks are apply when the dope was still wet. Method of painting of green brown color was simple. Painter was apply stroke until the brush was dry and then again pour stroke in paint and continued. This give appearance of the various shade of the colors. Parts is painted separately and in this way direction of strokes are not the same on the various surface.

To represent this on the model you can not use airbrush but brush. Basic cream color of the fabric could be apply with airbrush but the same stroke by brush. I recomend use of the flat brush. Take just a small amount of paint and then apply it but put the narrow side of brush into the direction of the movement. When all paint exceed the take some more color and continue where you have stop. Surface will get its basic shade of streaks. Then it is important to dry brush whole surface and then wet brush with thinner. After this repeat the stroke with new paint but start with the same position where are darkest stroke and go in the reverse direction of applycation. If you have paint from left to right now go from right to left. When this had finished repeat process of dry brush and wet brush and streaky camouflage is here.

Srecko Bradic

Photo and Flash- Srecko Bradic