Sogolee 3500 is the basic single action air brush and it is essential spray tool for every modeler. From my point of view it is very important airbrush as well it cover wide range of painting actions and applications on the plastic kit.

This is ideal tool for basic, advanced and coat spray. In this way it is best suitable then the many of the much expensive double action tool. This could be used for the basic coat cover, then the cover with the camouflage paint and making various camouflage patterns. All of the pattern could be sprayed with easy, since the WW1 camouflage, interwar, Second World War and all post war and modern. Only difficulties could be found in some thin spot on the Luftwaffe or Italian planes but in this way could be used spray asks or if you more prefer more accurate double action airbrush.


The same Sogolee 3500 airbrush is very simple made. Entire body is made of hard plastic with metal spray cone and needle. It is bottom feed tool and there could be with easy attach bottle from Gunze Sangyo if you more prefer acrylic paint. Airbrush come in the box package and there could be also found one larger bottle, which could be used for paint as well storage, air hose and air valve for the air bottle operations [suitable for the artist who work outside of the home workshop].

The needle is fine type and very good line could be sprayed. Adjustment is easy with turning cone more or less raised. It is also very easy to disassemble for cleaning. The geometry of the cone and needle is that good that in the use this could not be damaged. Sogolee 3500 airbrush lay perfect in hand and by my own opinion it is best handling airbrush on the market. Where is the catch? It had inclined fit for the air hose on the lower part of the airbrush body and also inclined. This inclined position provides to airbrush to set perfectly in the palm and all movement is very easy. You could spray an hours and hours with no problem.

And to resume- Sogolee 3500 is the perfect tool for beginner and valuable tool for the master modeler. Easy to handle, very good working performance, with price less then two beer in the café it is most recommended airbrush tool on your work bench.

Srecko Bradic

Sample of airbrush was provided by Peter Lin from “Sogolee”