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Tupolev Tu-160 - Туполев Ту-160

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Very interesting strategic bomber designed in Soviet Union ;)

Nico Braas:
Small photo update! Black & white image is from a small batch of photos I unofficially purchased at the entrance of the Central Aviation Museum 'Frunze' in Moscow.
The other shots were taken at the Zhukovsky Airshow 1992. We can see the machine giving the flight display has lost a fillet of its vertical tail spine during flight. The last image shows a Tu-160 already been cannibalized.
It seems a number of Tu-160's were refurbished and modernized around 2005.
It's an interesting type and it is BIGGER than the Rockwell B-1B.

Nice images Nico  :-clap And more work from my side

All panels done, next step- shadows :))

More advance in last hour ;)


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