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Red star Focke Wuld 190D

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This is one of the captured Focke Wulf 190D which was used for some time in the Soviet VVS. It could be that this sample was taken in the Marienburg, where was repair and maintenance facility. Plane wear standard camouflage of RLM 82 and RLM 83 colors and the underside is finished in the W3 standard. This include RLM 75 front part of the lower wing surface, central section is the natural metal and the rest of the underside is in the RLM 76. Interesting that the plane had not service labels on it. German national insignia was overapainted with Soviet camouflage colors and standard red stars was placed over it.

Very nice mate! I already spotted it through 12 O'clock High :)

Yes I inform crew here as well I start topic on this forum. And must say that I have xchange couple of mail with info with Erica Larger before I have done this. He had provide me some of very vital info.

Hello all of you

Srecko , I am pleased to see that the information I gave you concerning Focke Wulf built Fw 190D-9s  was useful for you to draw this nice  rofile .

As We wrote in our book there were 4 different painting scheme for the under surfaces

W1 all undersurfaces in RLM76 (or green-blue)
W2 Leading hedge + ailerons  in RLM76 (or green-blue) the rest of the wing being left in natural metal
W3 Leading hedge  in RLM 75 + ailerons  in RLM76 (or green-blue) the rest of the wing being left in natural metal
W4 Leading hedge  in RLM 75 , rest of the wing in in RLM76 (or green-blue)  not often seen

We saw via several wrecks that Focke Wulf factories , applied RLM83/RLM82 painting scheme very early , for example W.Nr 210102 found in Waasmunster in Belgium , had a camouflage scheme on upper surface in RLM82/RLM83 . Fuselage was RLM82/RLM83/RLM75.

The most imporant information we found was that the fuselage , and under-surfaces were not painted in ONE variant of RLm76 , but in SEVERAl variant of RLM 76 , . One tone or another one was applmied on part produced by different sub contractors . It is clearly visible on the extension part on the fuselage , even on black and white photos .

I have included one of the drawing of the book , it will be easily understandable .

Nice site in any way

Eric Larger

After this brief explanation I could see better on photos of Dora. So does it mean that camouflage of RLM 81 and RLM 82 bellong to the early production machine only?


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