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Martin B-26 Marauder

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Basic problem was wing overload. And just to note one of the best site related to this plane:


Nice work No.1  :-ok  :-clap
The B26 was a good and interesting bomber there are a lot of version of that aircraft...  :-think do you want to make all that version?  ;) :-wave

Thank you Santino :) Hard that I could be able to do all version but this is good platform for the C and later models. Problem is that this machine have several variations even with same designation. So today I have to adopt this layout to be model C-10MO and there will be notable difference on this layout. Bitter problem that no existing drawings match this plane precisely so maybe somebody should consider serious research work and one good book about this machine.

This is what I am working in the moment and big trouble is absence of the image of the rear part of the plane. But when you see nose art you will realize how interesting is this sample plane.

check this link


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