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Fokker B.I

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Fokker B.II

After the Fokker B.I Fokker developed a light sea explorer that was designed as a seaplane. It was smaller than the Fokker B.I and had a stronger engine the Rolls Royce Eagle VIII rated 360 hp. One of the requirements was that the device should be suitable for a catapult start from ships. On December 15, 1923, the first flight took place from Naval Air Base Schellingwoude near Amsterdam. The B.II was tested by the Naval Aviation Service (MLD). The MLD didn't purchased the flying boat. It did not meet the requirements of the MLD. The aircraft was later scrapped. Here is the profile I made of it.

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The Fokker B-III was a real flying boat, compared to the Fokker B.I and B.II, and was intended for long-range reconnaissance. The first flight took place on November 10, 1926, after which the aircraft was presented to the Marine Aviation Service (MLD). However, They were not interested in the plane because they were already participating in the Dornier Do Wal. After this, the aircraft was converted for passenger transport. Here is the profile from the Fokker B.III.


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