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New name in the field of image software is Colorize. This is the software specialized in converting of old black and white photos into the color. It is FREE  and there is two option of how to get it- direct instal from their web site or download of RAR archive. As well I do not prefer to instal anything from web on my computer I have download RAR archive which size is 1,4 MB.

I have unpack RAR archive and software was instant ready- no need to install on computer. Window is very clear and on the top side is some of the basic tools and on the right side are color panel. Most of the controls are identical to the controls in Adobe Photoshop so I have open one photo for trial. In first moment I have a problem to open TIFF format but there was no problem with JPG or BMP. Photo are saved in its own format of file.

Working with this software is very simple and no experience is need!!! On the top panel you choose tool and use it on picture. There is zoom tool but zoom out missing. For color proces you have to take brush tool, rounded or square, and chose color and mark the area which have to be convreted in color. When you mark all of the area on picture then click Colorize icon on top panel [shortcut is C] and proces of repainting begin. Color panel are placed on right side and there is palette with the various natural color [wood, skin, glass, stone...] but with color panel on the top for direct choosing of color.

This original photo had 3 MB and overapainting was done in less then ten minute. Restult could vary and take attention that this is my first work with this software and some practice have to make oerfect photo. I have to say that on this sample glass color are not work well. Special note is that this software is still beta version 0.7 and I am sute that full power will appeared on final version. From my point of view very nice addition but I think that some classic tool have to ba add such as magic wand, laso and pen. Download  this software on following  address:


Original photo is from petar Bosnic collection.

...and this is the final result after reworking...

Nice photo and colorisation. Where this photo is taken as i saw on far port side one soldier in Naval clothings(white one)?
Is there in Kingdom of Yugoslavia any air base located at Adriatic coast?

This photo is made in the summer of 1940 during the visit of the generall staff to the Skopje and the plane is from the 3. regiment. Mariner is maybe from the staff personel. There was naval base on the Adriatic coast.


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