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Here what we have now- whole profile is in the advanced shading and shape definition. I need some two hours to do that. This also include cockpit details and bolts. But something interesting to note to all of you who are illustrators or want to be that. On this airplane some panels are welded and there is one easy way to reproduce this. Make new layer above the layers with main shadows. name this layer somehow... like shadows [I name it varovi]. Give to this layer behavior and this have to be Difference. Give the style to this layer and style is Bevel and emboss [take attention about the global light settings during this action]. Take a brush, opacity set on some 40 to 50%, behavior Dissolve. Paint the lines and enjoy  :-ok After that just set opacity of this layer and this is it  :-blah :-crazy

Well- we have all base finished. Just to rest and I hope that next day we start avalanche with profiles. Please note how the welding details look on the camouflaged plane  :-wave

Are you ready for the good time???

great work mate  :-ok :-clap :-wave

Thank you mate  :-ok Need some help from you. Do you know anything about fonts used on Italian samples? Here it is one of the first I going to make.

First release- Yugoslav post war G-2  :-wave


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