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Title: WW1 Aero for sale
Post by: No.1 on December 02, 2008, 06:33:25 PM
There are 8 issues of WW 1 Aero in total. Issues are 137, 143-148, 160-180. Of these, 10 are "official" xeroxed  copies, i.e. they are legitimate copies produced by the publisher when original issues are no longer available. Magazines are in decent condition, i.e. all pages are intact, no loose covers, no markings anywhere but they have been read. One xerox copy has been originally stapled in wrong page order and I have not fixed it.
The total price including shipping (about 40 euros) would be 120 euros. That is perhaps 40-50% off the regular price as 5 years ago I paid 180 dollars for issues 160-180 (21 issues) and at that time US still had surface mail. Today US cheapest shipping option alone would be about 50 dollars.
Let me know!

P.S. contact webmaster at srecko.warplane@gmail.com and you will be directed to Jukka