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Seeking a VAMIModels kit....


I am desperately looking for a Vami Models kit, in particular the Levesseur Oiseau Blanc kit if anyone has one to spare, or knows where there is one. This is for a museum display at Owl's Head Transportation Museum up in Maine. Over the years there have been many rumors that the aircraft crashed somewhere in the Maine woods after crossing the Atlantic. In fact the Maine Avation Historical Society has mounted several searches over the years for the remains of the plane. The model club I belong to puts on a display a couple of times a year at the Museum and it was decided if we could find a kit it would make a nice display piece for them.

Only to ask our French friends, no other solution :-think

Second Air Force:
I'll keep an ear and eye open, but I think No.1 is correct as far as finding one.

I've always thought that the airplane is in North America--somewhere. It would be nice to find those brave men wherever they were lost......


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