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Good morning gents,I would be gratefull if anyone has the below decal sheet and is willing to sell it to me.

Choppers I (Yugoslav Air museum WS51, S55, Mi2, Mi4, Mi8)
For my 1/72 Mil mi-2 Hobby Boss Yugoslav yellow.
Thank you in advance,

I can not help you wiht this decals but I can offer you another scheme and solution.If you would like you can build a JRV I PVO Mi-2 with this decal sheets

Hi Dragan.Thank you mate.My intention was to build this one.
Lift Here Decals in need...
But if you have any other reference/photos of other JRV I PVO Mi-2 I would be glad to build one.

Balkan Decals is top product for any Yugoslav aircraft, they sell in extra fast time and people ask for more. So don't hesitate about the use, you will be pleasured with result.


Thanks Srecko.Here are some more photos


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