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Large number of aviation magazines for sale!

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Nico Braas:
At the Aviodrome Museum we have a very large bulk of bound volumes of various aviation magazines.
Greatest bulk is:
The Aeroplane: volumes over 1949-1968
Interavia:        years 1949-1976   
Flight:             volumes over 1945-1979
Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society: years 1949-1967
Shell aviation news: years 1957-1972
Aviation Week & Space Technology: volumes over 1963-1972
R.A.F. Flying review: several years 1955-1965 and 1969
Price is EURO 5 per volume or EURO 50 per metre.
And.....sorry, NO parcel order service! If you are interested you'll have to come to the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport -The Netherlands and collect them personally!

Excellent offer! Good reason to visit your country ;)

Nico Braas:
I have also for sale:
The Aeroplane 1928 (2 volumes)
The Aeroplane 1929 (3 volumes)
These rare volumes are EURO 50/year!

Paul Bradley:
Oooh, you tease!! At those prices, I'd buy the lot!

Nico Braas:
FLIGHT and INTERAVIA volumes are now gone!
I have 90 volumes The Aeroplane 1949 -1968 still for sale.
Price EURO 5.-/volume, but whole lot is for sale for EURO 250.- only.


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