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Large number of aviation magazines for sale!

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Nico Braas:
Nobody out there interested? It is a real bargain you'll never find again!
Next weekend is military event at Aviodrome with expected guest the Red Bull P-38 Lightning.
Also some other veterans will be present. It would be a very nice excuse to come over to Lelystad airport and buy the whole lot of The Aeroplane!! Don't forget to bring removal boxes with you; you'll need some 10-12 to pack it all and of course you need a van big enough to carry the load.

Hi Nico,
I'll see you at the Aviodrome - if you are there on sunday too.
I'm curious for that Gabelschwanzteufel :-)

Nico Braas:
We'll be there on both days, Saturday and Sunday selling books!
Here is that P-38. Took this shot last year at ILA.


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